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I just got the notice on the door stating that my home is in default. How long can I stay in my house before the bank forecloses?
In Nevada, from the date stated on the NOD (Notice Of Default), the bank cannot foreclose on your home until they have posted in a public newspaper (the Nevada Legal News) the NOT (Notice of Trustee Sale). The NOT cannot be filed until 90 calendar days after the NOD has been filed. After the NOT has been filed, the trustee for the bank can foreclose no sooner than 21 calendar days. So, a total no less than 120 days.
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My neighbor on the same street stayed in his house for two years without paying his mtg, why can’t I?
On October 1,2012 the AB284 bill was passed almost stopping the banks from filing NOD (Notice Of Default) Now this past June 1,2013 AB300 was passed. AB300 now allows lenders to proceed with the foreclosure process once their officials can show they have reviewed the necessary “business records” related to the deed of trust on the property.
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My credit is shot anyway, why should I do a short sale?
There is nothing worse than a foreclosure on your credit. A foreclosure will stay on your credit for at least seven years. If you are ever going to buy anything again, whatever lender or bank you would be using will use this information to increase your interest. Besides I know a way to remove missed payments from your credit report. This is the major reason I would short sale verses letting my property go to foreclosure.



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